Reset current envelope
Invert current envelope horizontally
Invert current envelope vertically
Copy current envelope
Paste copied envelope
Send out a MIDI signal on the current channel for mapping
MIDI preferences
Toggle on/off MIDI transmission
Zoom out
Zoom in
Decrease the number of bars (top right)
Increase the number of bars (top right)
Snap Toggle snap to grid
Triplet Toggle triplet mode in the grid
Decrease grid interval (bottom right)
Increase grid interval (bottom right)

Keyboard Shortcuts



1-8Envelope switching
command (mac) / ctrl (win) + cCopy envelope
command (mac) / ctrl (win) + vPaste envelope
command (mac) / ctrl (win) + 1Decrease note interval
command (mac) / ctrl (win) + 2Increase note interval
command (mac) / ctrl (win) + -Zoom out
command (mac) / ctrl (win) + =Zoom in
command (mac) / ctrl (win) + tToggle Always on Top
vVertical inversion
hHorizontal inversion
bBroadcast MIDI channel for mapping (equivalent to clicking the horn)
tToggle triplet mode
sToggle snap to grid mode
shift + 1-8Trigger envelope (active in controller mode only)
up/downCycle through curve types on the selected point (default, bezier 1, bezier 2)
backspaceDelete selected point